Listing fees

Listing fees


The rate of the listing fees paid by the issuing companies or management companies for the benefit of the Tunis Stock Exchange, is set in accordance with the following table, without the due amount of the fee exceeds forty thousand dinars (40,000 DT) for capital securities and three thousand dinars (3,000 DT) for other securities:


Market capitalization on listing or the remaining amount of the issue


Capital securities




The market capitalization at listing amount is equal to the product of the number of shares admitted by their admission price.


Companies whose securities are admitted to the Alternative Market are exempt from paying this fee.


For other securities, the amount to be taken into account is the amount remaining from the issue on the date of its admission to stock exchange listing.


Payment of the listing fees commission to the Tunis Stock Exchange is made by the listed companies or organisms applicants for admission before the listing of the security begins.


This fee is paid by listed companies applying for admission as soon as they obtain the preliminary agreement for the admission of capital securities. 


Annual residency fees


The annual residence fees due by the issuer for the benefit of the Tunis Stock Exchange is fixed in accordance with the following table:



Fee amount ( Tunisian Dinar )

Market capitalization ( Tunisian Dinar )

Capital securities

2 000 

until 50,000,000

10 000 

from 50,000,001 to 200,000,000

20 000 

from 200,000,001 to 500,000,000

40 000

More than 500,000,000


1 000

Each quotation line


When the same issuer has several categories of securities listed on the stock exchange, the residence fee due cannot be more than forty thousand dinars (40,000 DT).


The residency fee is calculated based on the market capitalization of the security at December 31 of the past year. The market capitalization is calculated based on the closing price.


The residency fee for capital securities and other transferable securities whose trading took place during the year is due only for the quarter during which the introduction took place and for the remaining quarters of the year considered.


The residency fee is paid to the Tunis Stock Exchange by the issuer or its representative, no later than sixty (60) days from the date of invoicing.