Exchange notices


E.g., 04-03-2024
E.g., 04-03-2024

06/01/2020Listed companies- Average prices of December 2019 month

The Tunis Stock Exchange publishes, for all purposes, the December 2019 average prices of the securities listed on the Stock Exchange.

31/12/2019Trading Groups for the year 2020

31/12/2019BT - judicial sale notice

judicial sale notice on 06/01/2020

31/12/2019Notice No. 40 of the Stock exhange' indices committee

Decisions of the Committee meeting of december 30, 2019.

27/12/2019LNDOR - trading after the capital increase realization

From 30 December 2019, the 1,818,182 new shares subscribed will be admitted and traded on the stock exchange on the same line of quotation as the old shares to which they will be assimilated.

25/12/2019HL - Trading of new Bond

The subordinated Bond “HL 2018-01” will be traded from December 26, 2019...

13/12/2019ATL - Trading of new Bond

The Bond « ATL 2019-1» will be traded from December 16, 2019...

13/12/2019SERVI - trading of the bond "SERVICOM 2016" restructured

from December 16, 2019, the bond "Servicom 2016" will be negotiable under the following conditions ...

09/12/2019modification of the trading hours for today 09/12/2019

20/11/2019CC - resumption of trading shares

resumption of trading on " Carthge Cement " shares on NOVEMBER 21, 2019