Exchange notices


E.g., 18-08-2022
E.g., 18-08-2022

25/04/2022Trading Hours

Winter trading hours will be applicable from 4th may 2022.

15/04/2022HL - Listing of new bond

The bond « HL 2022-01 » will be traded on the Exchange from 18th April 2022.

15/04/2022TLS - Listing of new bond

The bond « TLF 2022-1 » will be traded on the Exchange from18th April 2022.

31/03/2022Notice N°48 of Stock Exchange Indices Committee

Stock Exchange Indices Committee's Decisions taken at the meeting held on 30th march 2022.

28/03/2022Trading Hours from 4th april 2022

From Monday, April 4, 2022 : Ramadan Trading Hours

24/03/2022CC - Judicial sale

The Exchange announces that the judicial sale, scheduled on 24th march 2022, about 772 660 shares of the company "CARTHAGE CEMENT" with price equal to TND 1.100, was not occured (there was no buyer).

21/03/2022Trading of domestic debt 2022 first instalment

The domectic debt 2022 first instalment will be traded (trading group "21") from 22nd March 2022.

18/03/2022CC - Judicial sale

During the trading session of 24th march 2022, the stockbroker MAC SA proposes to sale by auction 772 660 shares of CARTHAGE CEMENT.

14/03/2022STA - Start of trading

From March 17th, 2022, the 2,000,000 shares, which make up the current share capital of the company STA will be traded on the stock exchange main market

11/03/2022STA - Definitive result of STA Offer

Result of STA Offer.