The first market index was launched in September 30th 1990 under the name of BVMT index.
TUNINDEX index and Sector Indices were created in December 31st 1997 and December 31st
2005 respectively.
Theses indices aim to provide managers, analysts and savers with a measure of portfolios
performance and stock market activities as a whole.
Upon the decision of the Expert Committee, since 02 January 2009, BVMT index is no longer
disseminated and the method of calculation of the TUNINDEX index and the Sector Indexes are
changed. The TUNINDEX index and the Sector Indexes are no longer weighted by the total
market capitalization but by the free float adjusted market capitalization. This method of
calculation, already used for other major indices around the world, ensures greater coherence
between the real nature of companies on the market and how it is expressed in the indices.


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