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E.g., 15-07-2020
E.g., 15-07-2020

28/02/2019 UNIMED - Declaration of significant operations

Declaration of the significant operations carried out by the company Premium Holding, within the framework of the application of article 14 of the Council Regulation of the Financial market relating to the fight against the failures on the market.

28/02/2019ATTIJARI BANK - Declaration of significant operations

Declaration of the significant operations carried out by Mr Mzoughi MZABI.

28/02/2019 UNIMED - Threshold crossing

The Company Premium Holding SA, controlled by Mr. Ridha CHARFEDDINE, which directly holds 9.03% of the capital of company UNIMED, stated to have crossed directly upwards, on February 27th, 2019, the thresholds of 10%,20% and 33.3%.

26/02/2019ATL - Prospectus at 26/02/2019

Note of operation relating to the capital growth of company ATL.

22/02/2019ATL - VISA du Conseil du Marché Financier

The held Extraordinary general assembly the 25/01/2019 decided to increase the capital of the company Arab Tunisian Lease “ATL” of an amount of 10,000,000 DT to carry it of 25,000,000 DT to 35.000.000DT.

21/02/2019TUNIS RE - Press release

The international credit rating agency Fitch Rating allotted on February 18th, 2019 to the Tunisian company of reinsurance “Tunis Re”, the rating “Insurer Financial Strength” (IFS) of “AA- (tun)” very extremely with stable prospects.

19/02/2019ASSAD - Press release

29/01/19 ASSAD and Enersys signed an agreement to restructure their business connection dating since more than 10 years through creation of the Enersys-Assad Joint-venture.

19/02/2019BNA - General Meeting extraordinary at 06/03/2019

Sirs the shareholders of the Agricultural National Bank are invited to attend the meeting of the Extraordinary general assembly which will be held on Wednesday, 06 March, 2019.

19/02/2019SERVICOM - Press release

Following the resignation of Mr. Majdi Zarkouna, the board of directors decided a change on the level of the governance of the group by naming Mr. Mourad Dimassi (in the past Executive vice president of Servicom SA) as a Chief Executive Officer of the company.

14/02/2019BH LEASING - Press release

Company MODERN LEASING launches a call for candidate to appoint an independent administrator within his Board of directors.