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E.g., 05-10-2022
E.g., 05-10-2022

19/03/2018CC - resumption of trading on "CARTHAGE CEMENT" shares

resumption of trading on "CARTHAGE CEMENT" shares on march 19th, 2018


At the request of the Financial Market Council, the trading on the "CARTHAGE CEMENT" shares is suspended from Thursday, March 15, 2018.

14/03/2018Trading of new teasury bonds

14/03/2018Trading of new bonds

The bond «ATB Subordonné 2017 » will be traded from 15/03/2018

12/03/2018Trading of new treasury bonds- cancels and replaces the notice of 02/02/2018

28/02/2018Trading of new bonds

Bonds «Attijari Leasing 2017-1 » and «Tunisie Leasing 2017-2» will be negotiables at march 02, 2018

17/01/2018BH - trading after the capital increase realization

From January 18, 2018, the 6,800,000 new shares subscribed will be traded on the stock exchange on the same line of quotation as the old shares

02/01/2018Listed companies- Average prices of December 2017 month

The Tunis Stock Exchange publishes, for all purposes, the December 2017 average prices of the securities listed on the Stock Exchange.

29/12/2017Equity trading groups for the year 2018.

29/12/2017Notice N°35 of the Stock Exchange Indexes Committee