Exchange notices


E.g., 21-04-2024
E.g., 21-04-2024

31/12/2020Assurances AMI SA - Listing of bonus shares

From 4th Jannuary 2021, the new bonus shares will be assimilated to the existing shares and they will be traded on the same line of listing.

30/12/2020Notice N°43 of Indices Committee

Decisions of Indices Committe taken at its meeting held on 29th December 2020.

30/12/2020Change from Alternative Market to Main Market

From 4th January 2021, stocks of companies listed on alternative market will be traded on main market.

29/12/2020ASSURANCES MAGHREBIA - Start of trading

From December 30, 2020, the 4,500,000 shares, which make up the current share capital of the company ASSURANCES MAGHREBIA will be negotiables ...

29/12/2020ASSURANCES MAGHREBIA - Result of IPO

Result of IPO of the company " ASSURANCES MAGHREBIA"

28/12/2020ASSURANCES MAGHREBIA - Temporary Result of Share Offer of "Assurances MAGHREBIA"

The Firm Price Offer concerning 124 740 shares was subscribed 11.4 times.

25/12/2020CIL - Trading Halt

The trading of the stock «CIL» will be halted from Monday 28th December 2020.

24/12/2020SITS -Mandatory Public Purchasing Offer

Opening of Mandatory Public Purchasing Offer on shares of the company "Société Immobilière Tuniso-Saoudienne -SITS- ".

22/12/2020ASSURANCES MAGHREBIA - ASSURANCES MAGHREBIA - Notice of Public Offer Opening

The Offer at Firm Price is open to the public from 22nd  December 2020 to 25th December 2020.

16/12/2020SITS - Trading Halt

Upon request of the Financial Council Market and due to the disclosure of the opening of the Public Purchasing Offer on the shares of the company « SITS », the shares trading of this company will be halted during trading sessions of 16th and 17th December 2020. The trading will resume on 18th December 2020.