Exchange notices


E.g., 01-04-2023
E.g., 01-04-2023

09/04/2020Friday, April 10th, 2020 : exceptional holiday

Tunis Stock Exchange informs Brokers and the public that Friday, April 10th, 2020 will be a non-trading day.

07/04/2020TVAL - Notice of the Public Takeover Bid

30/03/2020Trading of new treasury bonds

30/03/2020Notice No. 41 of the Stock exhange indices committee

Composition Updating of TUNINDEX20, from 1st April,2020

23/03/2020TVAL - Trading suspension

At the request of the Financial Market Council, the trading on the "TUNISIE VALEURS" shares will be suspended from 24 to 25 Marsh 2020. The trading will resume on 26 Marsh 2020.

17/03/2020Exceptional trading rules - from March 18, 2020

In application of the Government measures, within the framework of prevention against the propagation of the coronavirus Covid-19, and taking into acc

11/02/2020STB - Trading of new Bond

The subordinated Bond « STB Subordonné 2019-1 » will be traded from February 14, 2020...

04/02/2020BH L - Change of the corporate name of the company "MODERN LEASING".

Change of the corporate name of the company "MODERN LEASING".

27/01/2020OFFICE PLAST - trading after the capital increase realization

From 29 January 2020, the 1,305,000 new shares subscribed will be admitted and traded on the stock exchange separately from the old shares until their assimilation.

15/01/2020CC - Trading after capital increase

From Friday 17th january 2020, the old shares of the company "Carthage Cement" will be traded on the Exchange.